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Our Story

Welcome to Toronto Tattoohaus, a local and all-female artist tattoo shop!


Established in 2016.

At Toronto Tattoohaus our mission is to provide you with quality and original tattoos using advanced sterilization practices, produced in a comfortable, safe and supporting atmosphere by patient professionals.


Since going professional in 2013, Kate opened the doors to Toronto Tattoohaus in 2016 to create an environment for artists to feel comfortable and safe - with plenty of room for growth, creativity as well as equal opportunity for women to excel in.


Toronto Tattoohaus is currently home to our owner and founder, Kate Somebody, the extremely talented, Karla Savo - who has been tattooing since 2011 and joined the studio upon opening in 2016.

 Jules, who's unique tattooing style and talent makes her an amazing addition to our all female team.
Lastly we welcome our other very talented Junior artist Carol, who has been tattooing since 2020, and has an eye for art and fine lines and is thriving at our shop!


From time to time the Toronto Tattoohaus welcomes talented guest artists from across the globe, allowing our artists to feed off one another and develop our skills. If you or any tattoo artists you know are interested in this opportunity - shoot us an email!

We would love to welcome you.


This all-female operated studio is a safe, supporting atmosphere for all walks of life.


Whether you are a first timer, or this is your 1000th tattoo, you can trust that the artists at the Toronto Tattoohaus will make it their priority that you leave with a piece of art you can be proud of for life.

Toronto Tattoohaus
873 St.Clair Ave West
M6C 1C4

Toronto, ON
+1 647-345-3549 

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